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We have the car "Clean Room" in the air were sampled

Le 10 November 2016, 09:12 dans Humeurs 0

We have the car "Clean Room" in the air were sampled, the results show that the volume of pollutants particles are relatively large, usually about 50μm or more. The production of these particles is mainly due to poor positive pressure and the lack of air lock chamber and channel, as well as the neglect of the instrument, the staff and parts of the pre-cleaning process. We have found that the following measures can be taken to achieve the cleanroom level requirements.
1, before entering the clean room, pre-cleaning equipment, personnel and parts;
2, with a controlled multi-stage pressure, temperature and humidity control devices sealed building;
3, HEPA filtration;
4, to enhance the process to reduce the particle / precipitate generation;
5, protective coat;
6, clean;
7, two-door configuration to separate the adjacent space, including the delivery and reception area.
    It is reasonable to design the critical space as a
Clean Room Equipment for classification.

Clean bench - clean bench selection

Le 8 November 2016, 06:35 dans Humeurs 0

Clean Room Clean workbench, also known as clean bench, is a kind of local clean aseptic working environment unidirectional flow air purification equipment. Application: It is widely used in scientific research and production of clean and aseptic working environment, such as medicine and health, biopharmaceutical, food, medical science experiment, optics, electronics, sterile room experiment, sterile microbe examination, plant tissue culture inoculation etc. department. Can also be connected into assembly line with low noise, mobility and other advantages.
Clean bench is to provide a high degree of local cleanliness of the general environment of strong air purification equipment, its use to improve the process conditions, improve product quality and increase yield have good results.

Clean bench works in a specific space, the indoor air by the pre-effect filter, by a dedicated high static pressure centrifugal fan into the static pressure box, and then by the air efficient filter blowing, blowing clean air has a certain Of the uniform cross-section wind speed, you can exclude the original work area of ​​the air, the dust particles and biological particles away, resulting in sterile high clean working environment.

Clean bench classification: from the flow direction is divided into: vertical flow clean bench (clean bench) and horizontal flow clean bench (clean bench).
Clean bench from the operator on the points: divided into single table and double table;
Clean the table from the structure points: divided into conventional and new push-pull and self-circulation (vertical flow only).

Vertical flow clean bench is different from the horizontal flow clean bench, generally use vertical one-way flow purification principle of airflow form, low noise centrifugal fan, static pressure box, Magnesium Oxide Panel high efficiency filter unitary structure with a single unit.

Sandwich Wall Cleaning SOP

Le 7 November 2016, 03:38 dans Humeurs 0

Sandwich Wall Cleaning SOP

1. Objective: To establish a standard method of wall cleaning.

2, the scope: clean the walls of the cleaning process.

3, responsibility: clean operation personnel.

4, the program:

4,1 first with a damp cloth to wipe the wall, if not easy to erase the stain, with 75% ethanol or detergent wipe.

4,2 with a pressure mop stained with cleaning fluid, in accordance with the top to bottom, from left to right order to wipe the wall, the first room after the corridor to wipe it all over again.

4,3 After cleaning utensils, must be promptly cleaned, cleaned and stored in the sanitary ware room.

4,4 walls must be regularly disinfected, its operation as above.

4,5 commonly used detergents are detergent, 75% ethanol; commonly used disinfectant 0.1% benzalkonium bromide, 0.1% 84 disinfectant and so on.

4,6 walls are generally cleaned once a week, or dirty after the line is wiped, disinfected once every half-moon.

4,7 After completing the operation,
Clean Room Projects fill in the relevant records.

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