Modular, free-standing Clean Room Manufacturer have many distinct advantages over their fixed wall counterparts. using modular rooms greatly reduces design, engineering, and construction time, thereby reducing costs. Since they are not an integral part of a larger structure, modular rooms can be taken down and moved to other facilities, or even sold as an asset. Fixed wall cleanrooms do not have this flexibility.

Expanding a modular cleanroom can be easily accomplished by taking off a wall and adding another module. The prefabricated design allows the room to be expanded, relocated, or reconfigured into a different shape or made into multiple smaller rooms.

All air handling and filtration equipment modules are built into the modular room ceiling. Hook-ups for electrical and plumbing are engineered in as part of the design.

The amount of time it takes to construct a modular room is much less than constructing a permanent walled structure. It can take several months to construct a fixed wall cleanroom because of the amount of design, engineering, and the various trades involved. However, a fairly sophisticated modular room can be constructed in a week or two. On-site assembly of a modular cleanroom is also less disruptive to surrounding operations in comparison to their fixed wall counterparts.

Modular cleanroom systems offer potential tax advantages for businesses. They are not typically considered part of the building and can often be depreciated faster than built-in, Modular Clean Room fixed wall cleanrooms. Tax consultants can provide specific tax advantage information.