Magnesium Oxide Panel Key credibility of activity superior control

1. Select the able training of the architecture team

Clean allowance architecture involves decoration, HVAC, electrical and medical gases and added professionals, architecture workers accept to be apple-pie allowance architecture specifications, architecture technology, architecture superior has a absolute understanding, otherwise, the architecture superior is difficult to be protected.

2. Apple-pie allowance bankrupt ascendancy key

Clean allowance bankrupt ascendancy key agreeable is the envelope of the architecture superior of the envelope, such as breadth and breadth should be analogously coated amid the sealant, to deeply airtight; apple-pie allowance anchored bank chiffonier amid the chiffonier and the wall, army on the bank Sockets, switches, smoke detectors, lighting boxes and medical ablaze with the appearance of blur lights, etc. charge to be bankrupt with a sealant, and accessories chiffonier in the activity and the chiffonier accept to aswell be acclimated amid the reliable and able Sealing measures.

3. Acknowledgment to the wind aqueduct superior control

The acknowledgment air aqueduct allowance is advised to anticipate barn air from entering the air aqueduct and anticipate communicable air from biting into the air duct, appropriately affair cleanliness in the apple-pie allowance and assiduity the use time of the top adeptness filter. Architecture should focus on ascendancy of activity processing, activity architecture and accessories accession quality.

Pipeline processing should focus on accomplishing a acceptable job air aqueduct charwoman accessories and activity processing in the sealing measures. The pipes should be fabricated of high-quality galvanized animate breadth to accommodated the requirements of smoothness, ruggedness and abrasion resistance. The silencer should not aftermath dust, dregs (fiber), no damp assimilation and no pollution. With apart material, cilia absolute should be felt-like material, overcoat can anticipate cilia assimilation of the amalgamation material. Foam and centrifugal bottle absolute should not be used. Afore the assembly of air aqueduct to aloof bactericide to oil, the assembly action to anticipate scratches, the end of assembly with white cottony bolt apple-pie the close apparent should be afterwards any oil, gray trace for charwoman qualified. Aqueduct aqueduct processing charwoman Afterwards casual the artificial blur to assure the wind aqueduct at both ends and again transported to the website installation, all air aqueduct accessories and accessories accept to be wiped apple-pie afore installation, or can not be installed.

Pipeline affiliation and accessories accession action should pay assimilation to sealing measures to abstain accessory pollution, due to the hose, bendable joints accept dust problems, so apple-pie aqueduct and automated accessories can be acclimated to affix the bendable joints, but not in the activity to use.

Second, the ascendancy of accessory microbial contagion than the accessory abuse is added meaningful, added calmly overlooked. Accessory microbial contagion in the accessory dust pollution, mainly in the air conditioning analysis device. The bacilli and dust particles accumulating during the operation of the air-conditioning analysis assemblage accommodate the a lot of favorable altitude for the advancement of the microorganisms during the abeyance aeon if the high-temperature and high-humidity ambiance and dust particles accommodate nutrients. New bacilli and the absolution of adverse gas and a lot of adverse adverse metabolites, corpses and bits - which is a ample allotment of the top adeptness clarify can not be blocked, so it constitutes a accessory abuse of microorganisms.

Facts acquaint us that the bendable collective is aswell an important antecedent of accessory abuse of microorganisms. This is because the bendable joints are usually not heat, abstract occurs here. For medical apple-pie room, even a baby bulk of bendable joints accept to aswell yield double-layer or bendable insulation joints measures.

Finally, the accumulated air-conditioning assemblage all seams should be bankrupt for processing, table condenser condensate cesspool set baptize allowance to ensure that the Air Shower Clean Room conditioner bankrupt airtight.