Laminar flow Clean Room workflow management as follows:

1.1 strict management of clothing into the operating room staff must be required to wear autoclave surgical clothing, wearing disposable sterile masks, hats, leave the underwear, shoes, hats, masks placed in the designated location, patients are wearing clean patient clothing , With the exchange shuttle, wear isolation cap.

1.2 air purification system switching and cleaning daily morning by the night shift nurses 1h ahead of time to open operating room air conditioning system, and the temperature required to be adjusted to 22 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, humidity control in 40% to 60%. After the end of the day after surgery, there are cleaners with a clear sign, the district will use the sanitary ware to clean the operating room, close the electric door, closed by 1h laminar flow air conditioning system. Emergency operation does not close the air conditioning system. Immediately after the completion of the previous operation, indoor wet cleaning was performed and the next operation was performed after 30 minutes of closure.

1.3 placed on the operating table operating bed placed in the purification center of the operating room. Head and face surgery to the patient's foot to the appropriate movement of the foot, the lower limb surgery will move slightly to the head to move to ensure that the surgical area and instruments completely clean area.

1.4 to maintain positive pressure during surgery to keep the electric door is closed, to minimize the number of switching is strictly prohibited open the door surgery. Because the operating room environment is a closed clean environment, the door closed when the pressure is greater than the indoor air pressure outside, so that the operating room clean air can only flow to the outdoor, outdoor air will not enter the room, after the door broke the pressure Poor system, the quality of purification between the surgery will also be affected.

1.5 Sewage treatment process After the operation, contaminated dressings and equipment by the hand-washing nurse from the transmission window to the corridor to send quickly close the transfer window within the door, remove the items immediately after the transfer window closed. Outside the corridor there are cleaners in a timely manner, contaminants trunks bag storage designated transport.

2 laminar flow clean operating room maintenance

2.1 person to maintain regular monitoring of the entire air-conditioning system should be someone responsible for regular inspection, maintenance, maintenance, timely cleaning of the filter. Each month on the operating room air, the operating room staff hands and operating room sterile surface sampling bacterial culture, check the purification effect, found the failure to identify the reasons in a timely manner and take effective measures.

2.2 return air and ground cleaning and maintenance Every morning with a damp cloth to wipe all objects surface and return air, thoroughly cleaned the return air outlet, the ceiling of the wind screen. Ground daily cleaning agent with special drag, and then drag the net water, if blood and other contaminants, should be promptly scrub with a disinfectant. Carry heavy objects should be on the ground pad other items, so as not to scratch on the ground.

2.3 Central control panel maintenance Central control panel includes clock, clock, temperature and humidity control, lighting, air conditioning units, intercom systems. Nurse operation to grasp the essentials, proper operation, gently touch the switch can be, without force beat.

2.4 Maintenance of electric door Electric door switch includes electric, induction, manual three. Electric switch simply by hand or elbow can be pressed, avoid heavy pressure or long press. When using the sensor just close the knee or foot sensor window, the door will automatically open. If there is a need to turn off the power failure, the use of manual, avoid forced drag. Staff reasonable arrangements for work procedures, Clean Room Factory to avoid unnecessary increase in the number of openings