Sandwich Wall Cleaning SOP

1. Objective: To establish a standard method of wall cleaning.

2, the scope: clean the walls of the cleaning process.

3, responsibility: clean operation personnel.

4, the program:

4,1 first with a damp cloth to wipe the wall, if not easy to erase the stain, with 75% ethanol or detergent wipe.

4,2 with a pressure mop stained with cleaning fluid, in accordance with the top to bottom, from left to right order to wipe the wall, the first room after the corridor to wipe it all over again.

4,3 After cleaning utensils, must be promptly cleaned, cleaned and stored in the sanitary ware room.

4,4 walls must be regularly disinfected, its operation as above.

4,5 commonly used detergents are detergent, 75% ethanol; commonly used disinfectant 0.1% benzalkonium bromide, 0.1% 84 disinfectant and so on.

4,6 walls are generally cleaned once a week, or dirty after the line is wiped, disinfected once every half-moon.

4,7 After completing the operation,
Clean Room Projects fill in the relevant records.