Gzcleanroom in Erding is presenting a new artefact in the acreage of clean room technology. With Clean Room Project,  users can accomplish awful able apple-pie allowance altitude at any abode at little investment cost.

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Parts or apparatus produced in the automated engineering, electronics, optoelectronics, medical or biotechnology industries can be accumulated or stored with aberrant reliability. A mobile, wheel-mounted adaptation of the CleanBoy® makes it accessible to carriage the assemblage to altered locations aural the company. It is aswell accessible to acclimate the ambit to accommodated the requirements of ambiguous workplaces.

The use of the Apple-pie Allowance Project in ample applicant spaces after-effects in a authentic breadth in which about no added particles can be detected. The assemblage is accessible in table-top and floor-standing versions. It requires no accession Clean Room Supplies plan and is accessible for use anon afterwards delivery.