We have the car "Clean Room" in the air were sampled, the results show that the volume of pollutants particles are relatively large, usually about 50μm or more. The production of these particles is mainly due to poor positive pressure and the lack of air lock chamber and channel, as well as the neglect of the instrument, the staff and parts of the pre-cleaning process. We have found that the following measures can be taken to achieve the cleanroom level requirements.
1, before entering the clean room, pre-cleaning equipment, personnel and parts;
2, with a controlled multi-stage pressure, temperature and humidity control devices sealed building;
3, HEPA filtration;
4, to enhance the process to reduce the particle / precipitate generation;
5, protective coat;
6, clean;
7, two-door configuration to separate the adjacent space, including the delivery and reception area.
    It is reasonable to design the critical space as a
Clean Room Equipment for classification.